Nouns which are always plural – English Grammar and Spoken English lesson

Of all the grammar concepts we have, “plural” seems to be one of the most uncomplicated. You got one thing? It’s singular. Got more than one thing? It’s plural. But alas, language is always less undemanding than we expect. The way we conceptualize something—as one thing or many things—doesn’t always match up with the way our word for it behaves. There are some nouns that only have a plural form, regardless of how we think of them. In this lesson you will learn Nouns which are always in the plural form.

Certain nouns only have plural forms and are often used with the expression a pair of are as follows:-
a pair of lenses
a pair of jeans
a pair of shoes
a pair of slippers
a pair of glasses
a pair of gloves
a pair of earrings

Below are some more nouns that are always in the plural form are as follows :-
• Scissors
• Clothes
• Stairs
• Outskirts
• Contents
• Goods
• Firearms
• Headquarters
• Headphones
So hope this lesson is helpful to you all out there if you have some more nouns in mind please feel free to share below.