At times, you may find it difficult when you have to use many adjectives to describe something.
In this lesson, you will learn how to place all the adjectives correctly in a single sentence.
There is an order to follow:
1. General opinion: good, beautiful, stunning etc.
2. Size: small, tall, big etc.
3. Shape: round, rectangular etc.
4. Age: a ten year old, prehistoric etc.
5. Color: black, white, green etc.
6. Origin: Chinese, German etc.
7. Material: leather, Satin etc.
8. Purpose: study table, coffee table etc.
Example: I have a black, Italian, leather coat. (color, origin, material)
Example: These are delicious, huge, round cookies. (opinion, size, shape)
Example: My friend married a tall, fair, Japanese man. (size, color, origin)
Example: I have a shiny, small, square, metal vase. (opinion, size, shape, material)
Example: I bought an oval, antique, coffee table. (shape, age, purpose)

Remember to put a comma after every adjective, except after the last one.

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